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 Welcome to Arizona Lipo Specialty Clinic

It has been over 12 years since we opened our unique specialty clinic in Scottsdale, Arizona. Our intent was to focus on liposculpting and we have remained true to that vision. Today, 6000 procedures later, we are still one of the only liposuction specialty clinic in the USA. This time has allowed me to fulfill my mission - to become a liposculpting expert and specialist. Liposuction is the one surgical procedure that I perform and this dedication ensures my patients receive unparalleled, surgical precision when reshaping their bodies. Liposuction has changed dramatically over the past ten years. We offer a state-of-the-art facility and the most advanced technological applications available in the field, including Smart Lipo and laser assisted liposuction. Most of our procedures only require local anesthesia, so recovery is minimized and clients resume daily activities within 24-48 hours after surgery.


Welcome To Phoenix Smart Liposuction

The idea of liposuction is very appealing when we notice unwanted bulges and fat in areas that look unflattering and that refuse to go away with diet and exercise. Lipo has evolved a great deal over the past decade making this surgery safer, more affordable and with better results.

Dr. Hall is Phoenix's Laser Lipo expert and has trained with the individuals who pioneered new Liposuction techniques utilizing finer instruments for more accurate and precise body sculpting and administering a local anesthetic, so the patient is awake throughout the laser lipo procedure.

Dr. Hall is also a liposuction trainer and is a recognized member of the medical community.

About SmartLipo™

During SmartLipo, tiny instruments are used to suck out the fat. These are hollow rods called cannulas that are used to suck out the liquefied fat. Since the incisions needed to insert the cannulas on the body are tiny, they are almost invisible and most of the time just fade away eventually. The use of small instruments also allow the surgeon to remove the fat with greater precision while being less intrusive on the body. Another benefit of SmartLipo is that it is performed under local anesthetics reducing greatly the risks associated with general anesthesia.

The original and traditional Liposuction surgeries represent more risks due to technique, instruments and the use of a general anesthetic as opposed to a local anesthetic used in laser liposuction.


Since local anesthesia is used, patients are awake during the procedure. During surgery, the patient is numbed and many describe the feeling as a deep tissue massage. For cases where the patient does not want to be awake, sedation can be used. Additionally results are smoother and more natural looking and recovery time is shorter.

Results are recognizable almost immediately. The swelling will subside and the patient will recognize a vast improvement on their silhouette throughout the healing phase. Patients walk out of the office after their SmartLipo surgery and remain active during the entire recovery period.

"You are born with a predetermined number of fat cells in each area of your body, there is no variation, there is no replication of remaining cells or re-growth of cells or migration of cells to the area," Dr. Hall stated, "so once they are gone with lipo – they are gone." He does not remove with laser lipo all of the fat cells in an area, so there is some possibility for minor weight gain in that area post-surgery, but if there is dramatic weight gain after the SmartLipo procedure, it will most likely be gained elsewhere in the body where the fat cells are most densely populated, not where the lipo procedure was performed. For example, if the client has fat removed with lipo from the outer and inner thigh area, then it is very possible that he/she might gain weight around the hips, buttocks, abdomen or stomach.

SmartLipo™ Effectiveness & Patient Satisfaction

Patient satisfaction with SmartLipo is high if they follow the instructions and have a healthy lifestyle. With this newer lipo procedure, the result is much smoother with less buckling of the skin, which is why redoing an area would be more predominant in the past with traditional Liposuction.

The SmartLipo Laser Liposuction technique allows for the muscle tissue to react as well, so the surgeon has firm delineation between the fat and other tissue for improved instrument and laser guidance.

Device & Instruments

Dr. Hall practices the micro-cannular lipo technique or cross-hatching technique additional to the use of the SmartLipo Laser Liposuction Device.

Liposuction instruments are three millimeters or smaller in diameter, which means the incisions are so tiny, that no stitches are necessary. After the post-operational drainage occurs (lasts from one to seven days, depending on the individual) the small openings close on their own leaving virtually no scars.

Now with SmartLipo's micro-incision sites and practice of the cross hatching technique, the defects - such as ripples, dimples, lumps, bumps and scar tissue left behind, are dramatically reduced along with the need of revisions and touch-ups.

Laser Liposuction Mastery

William Hall, M.D. and the Staff at Infini would like to welcome you to our site solely dedicated to SmartLipo here in Scottsdale/Phoenix, Arizona. Liposuction is the ONLY surgical procedure performed by Dr. Hall therefore we have a very unique specialty clinic unlike most other surgical practices that perform a wide array of cosmetic surgical procedures. Dr. Hall's practice is a state of the art facility dedicated to body sculpting and to making sure that not only do you reach your body image goals, but also that you feel welcomed every time by our friendly and highly trained staff.

It is our philosophy and experience that by focusing only on liposuction this allows Dr. Hall to maintain expert surgical skills and an amazingly high level of patient satisfaction. Dr. Hall's patients always make comment such as: This has made a big difference in how I feel about myself, even if other people do not notice, she said. But, I have noticed people coming up and asking me where I work out, when I have been going to the same place for four years, she shared with a smile.

We invite you to Watch Our Lipo Testimonials or visit our Before and After Photo Gallery and see the results for yourself! contact us to schedule your FREE SmartLipo.

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